Fleet Work in Houston

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles that require some routine maintenance this coming fall? Is your fleet looking a little worse for wear? If so, you’re going to need a reliable team of specialists to service your vehicles. With over thirty years of experience in fleet work, auto-detailing, and collision repair, CSI Collision Specialist is the company you can trust. Whether your fleet needs new decals to boost your public image or a routine engine cleaning, we can help you. We’re the fleet work specialists who are invested in our clients’ companies as much as they are. For a free estimate on CSI Collision Specialist’s services, call us today!

Fleet Work and Commercial Vehicle Repairs in Houston

Commercial vehicles are often on the road a whole lot more than the average person’s car. A commercial vehicle can spend upwards of eight hours on the road per day—on a regular basis! With that in mind, commercial vehicle repair, maintenance, and general fleet work makes all the more sense.

A company with a fleet of vehicles doesn’t just have a parking lot full of vans or trucks for shows, either. Those vehicles are their livelihood. They’re what their entire operation depends on.

When a Houston company needs fleet work, they can’t just go to any company. If a company is going to tinker with their vehicles, that company needs to be reputable. They need to be a company who stands out from the rest.

What makes CSI Collision Specialist stand out from the rest? If you gave us a call, you’d notice right away. We start working for you the second we get your call. We’ll give you a free estimate on our services. Following that, we’ll provide you with a thorough and thoughtful consultation. We’ll take the time to get to know your company, your fleet, and your expectations before we pick up a single wrench.

Consultations are important—not just for us, but for the client, too. Our consultations give you an opportunity to get to know us, too. During this meeting you’ll get a sense of our dedication to excellence and commitment to providing quality customer service. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your fleet is in the hands of professionals. If a fleet work company is eager to wrap up a consultation, ask yourself why that is. Is it because they’re overconfident? Is it because they want to rush through their job carelessly? Whatever the case, that’s not how CSI Collision Specialist operates.

Another thing that separates CSI Collision Specialist from the rest? We offer extended warranties on all our services!

Would you like to hear more about our fleet work services? Call us today!

High-Quality Fleet Work in Houston

A fleet of vehicles, like an army, is only as strong as its weakest vehicle. If you run a courier service, one failed engine will slow down an entire day of operations. Another vehicle will have to take on the work of the faulty vehicle, and so on. Just imagine if one of your limousines failed during peak wedding session! It’d be a disaster for yourself, your chauffeurs, and your clients.

Your company and your customers depend on your fleet of vehicles to deliver goods, provide services, pick-up products, and more. When you come to CSI Collision Specialist to have your fleet serviced, we won’t waste any time working to get your fleet back on the road.

Limousines, trucks, cars, and more. CSI Collision Specialist can service them all! At the first sign of trouble, just give us a call. Even if you just need paint and decal services for your vehicles, you can count on us. We don’t just rush to help you in the event of an emergency, we offer swift and professional service even if your fleet just needs general maintenance.

Fleet Care, Fleet Repair, Maintenance, and More!

At CSI Collision Specialist, we offer our repair and maintenance services to all types of vehicles. Our fleet work services range from paint detailing, collision repair, auto glass repair, body work, and more. While some repair shops might not know how to handle heavy duty collision repairs and fleet maintenance—we do—and we have the factory certification to prove it!

Not only that, but CSI Collision Specialist is also an I-CAR Gold Class facility. This ensures that your high-quality fleet vehicles will be in good hands. To top it off, we also offer extended and lifetime warranties on a variety of our services. It goes without saying that those warranties come with consistent, confident work as well.

Does your fleet of limousines need new tires? Do you need to adjust the alignment of your fleet’s wheels? Having issues with an air conditioning system? Whatever the case, give us a call! Calling us before you experience severe problems like transmission or engine failure is always in your best interest. It never hurts to be proactive!

Reduced Wait Times and Reduced Down Times

At CSI Collision Specialist, we understand the importance of fast, streamlined service. Every moment a fleet vehicle is out of commission is a loss of profit for your business. That’s why we have worked hard for the people of Houston to make wait times and down times as short as possible.

Want another guarantee of our excellent service? Just ask around the Houston area. Fleet management companies like ARI, Element, Fleet Response, Leaseplan and CEI recommend CSI Collision Specialist as the area’s best vendor.

Regularly Scheduled Fleet Maintenance in Houston

One way to ensure that downtime for your fleet is kept to a minimum is to schedule frequent maintenance. Consider regular fleet maintenance a check-up for your vehicle. We’ll be able to make sure your vehicles are always in working order and catch problems before they become severe. You should never wait until your vehicle dies to call a repair company. Transmission and engine failure can severely disrupt workflow and cost you lots of money.

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