Car Audio in Houston

At CSI Collision Specialist we take great pride in providing custom-built audio sound systems that will enhance any type of vehicle. Our skilled technicians have designed and installed thousands of car audio sound systems for Houston drivers and we can proudly say that we are yet to receive a bad review.

If you are looking for an audio sound system to best meet your needs then you need to call CSI Collision Specialist right away. Our wide range of speakers and affordable prices means that we will have an option to meet your needs.

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Our commitment to delivering an unparalleled auditory experience sets us apart. What defines us is the cutting-edge technology and premium brands we offer and our unwavering dedication to your complete satisfaction with the quality and longevity of our products and installation work. Our technicians meticulously curate a selection of top-of-the-line car audio systems, ensuring that only the finest quality products find their way into our inventory.

We understand that you’re a car enthusiast with unique preferences. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through a personalized journey, helping you choose the perfect audio solution tailored to your goals. From crystal-clear sound to immersive bass, we prioritize excellence in product performance and customer service, making us the ultimate destination when you expect the best in car audio innovation.

Elevate your driving experience with us, where quality, expertise, and passion converge to create the definitive destination for automotive audio perfection.


We take pride in being your one-stop destination for creating your ideal car sound system. Our extensive inventory is thoughtfully composed to encompass everything you need, ensuring you can easily find the components to bring your audio vision to life. Whether you're searching for premium speakers, high-performance amplifiers, state-of-the-art head units, or the latest sound technology, we have you covered.

Look to us for the best in:

  • Car speakers
  • Head units
  • Receivers
  • Amplifiers
  • Subwoofer and sub-boxes
  • Capacitors
  • Equalizers
  • Car stereo wires
  • …and much more!

Do you have questions about how certain brands and products can work together to create the crisp, clean sound you desire? Book a risk-free initial consultation appointment with our automotive audio experts for the answers to all your questions about our products and installation services.


Our auto audio installations have become the sought-after choice for both seasoned music enthusiasts and newcomers to vehicle ownership. Our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled audio experience, regardless of familiarity with car audio systems, makes us stand out. For the music connoisseur seeking precision and power, our seasoned technicians meticulously install top-of-the-line components, from premium speakers to advanced amplifiers, ensuring an immersive and crystal-clear sound environment.

Our knowledgeable staff provides friendly guidance for those new to the world of vehicle audio, helping them navigate the diverse product offerings and tailoring installations to suit individual preferences and budgets. Our reputation for excellence is built on a fusion of cutting-edge technology, personalized customer service, and a passion for enhancing every driving journey with superior sound quality.

Whether you're a seasoned driver and audiophile or a first-timer, our car audio installations promise to transform your driving experience into a symphony of sonic delight.

Plan Ahead

The individuality of our sound systems means that it is necessary for our technicians to see and assess your vehicle first before deciding on a sound system that will best suit your own needs. If you are considering investing in a state-of-the-art, custom-built audio sound system for your vehicle then consider what you want. Our technicians are of course ready to share their wisdom and experience but we find that the process is always smoother when the car owner has a clear idea of what they want and don’t want.

Reasons to Invest in Custom-Made Speakers

In general, most Houston motorists invest in a new set of speakers to replace an old set or because they have upgraded the rest of the car and feel that the speakers should get an upgrade too. That is totally fine and makes perfect sense. However, there are a number of other reasons why drivers invest in improving their car audio system.

First off, in many cases, cars and music go hand-in-hand. What we mean by this is that a car enthusiast will usually also have a deep interest in music and vice-versa. So whether its rap, rock or country, a brand-new custom-made set of speakers can work wonders for enhancing the musical performance in your car and improve the listening experience.

Alternately, others feel that their musical listening pleasure is curbed by standard factory audio systems. Again, this is a legitimate concern and at CSI Collision Specialist we can help solve this problem by furnishing you with the best in audio pleasure.

Three Types of Popular Car Speakers

While there are hundreds of speaker options to choose from, most Houston drivers choose between one of the three following types:

  1. Tweeters: While tweeters are the smallest type of speaker we offer at CSI Collision Specialist, they are also the option that offers the best high-frequency delivery. They can be sold as stand-alone components or as part of woofers in a full-range system.
  2. Woofers: Unlike tweeters, woofers are dedicated to maximizing mid- to low-range tones. This includes grungy sounding guitars, bass drums and higher pitched bass guitar. Woofers are probably best suited to rock and alternative music and work best when paired with a higher frequency option such as a tweeter.
  3. Mid-Range: As the name suggests, mid-range speakers are a split frequency speaker somewhere between the woofers and tweeters. They are our most popular option at CSI Collision Specialist because of the wide range of choices they offer.


CSI Collision Specialist is your one-stop car audio shop in Houston. You can count on us to put your goals first and work within your budget to deliver a lasting audio system tailored to your preferences. Whether you want to feel the bass while you drive or looking for a milky-smooth sound that leaves nothing to be desired, you’ll find it all right here at the best price.

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